Andover Community Center’s Somali Housing Event

We are grateful to everyone who helped make the Andover Community Center’s Somali Housing Event a success. Housing support was given to hundreds of families, and Somali police officers established connections with the local community.


Social housing is associated with an Increase in the risk of many factors that are known such as Overcrowding and  poor property condition


Around one-in-six people (18 per cent) aged 18-34 live in poor quality housing (rising to 26 per cent among 18-24 year olds) – triple the rate of those aged 45 and over (6 per cent). Encouragingly, just 3 per cent of people aged 65 and over report living in poor quality housing. (The research uses data from an online survey of 10,122 adults aged 18+ conducted by YouGov, and supported by the Health Foundation)