Day Trip to Bournemouth 

Day Trip to Bournemouth 

On 21st July 2018, we took some young members of our community for a day trip to Bournemouth. The day out consisted of various activities of which the beach was the main highlight. It was a very eventful and cohesive experience which further strengthened our bond with some of the young people who are at risk of crime by entering new surroundings which allowed them to fully express themselves.


From the activities we carried out, our aim was to accomplish four objectives which would initially reflect JYCA’s vision for a more integrated young community in Islington. These objectives included: broadening the horizons of our young members who are often exposed to the same settings, building confidence by encouraging everyone to become involved in the activities, building team skills by forming different friendship groups and finally building positive relations with the young people to develop rapport given many do not have trustworthy characters in their lives.

Once we arrived, we eagerly jumped into the seaside as a group and for once the young members were presented an opportunity to dismiss their troubles at home. Furthermore, the first activity we enjoyed was a game which involved a ball within the sea itself and the purpose of the game was to keep the ball out of the water by continuously keeping it up. From this game alone, some young people were starting to express excitement and eagerness which is not often associated with life in London. Omar mentioned that he was “so glad to be out of the city and to see so many kids having fun.”


We then hopped out of the beach to play some volleyball. Our volunteers who deserve credit for their performance on the day such as Amin, Sadiq, Guled, Zakaria, Ahmed, Sadaq and a few others all went out of their way to purchase all the required equipment for the day. We established teams 5 of 3 for volleyball and so it emphasised the need for teamwork and communication and one of our objectives in building team skills. Omar, Musab and Zakaria were the eventual winners with their 4 victories.

Our final event of the day was a cinema trip to watch The Incredibles 2 which was long overdue. Despite it being an animated movie, our array of 16-25 year old young members all thoroughly enjoyed the film and its comedic nature and thus brought an end to a wonderful