Jubba Youth
Community Association

Provide support, advice and guidance for young refugees and young people who may be excluded from mainstream services.

Jubba Youth
Community Association

Build the capacity of young people to represent themselves by developing leadership skills and building confidence.

Jubba Youth
Community Association

Provide a safe and open space for young people to talk about issues affecting them

What we do

We support unemployed 16-24-year-olds to move into employment using the power of sport. As a youth charity, we use football and other sports as a tool to engage with young people, as well as teach them the key life and work skills they need to move into sustainable employment or training. Our programmes operate throughout England and Wales.
We as a youth-based organisation use sports as an integral part to create a positive and cohesive togetherness amongst young people in our community. Sports is amongst the biggest social asset we have as we use its competitiveness as a lure for youth to assert all their energy and efforts towards it thus diverting them away from any criminal-related activities which directly interlink with ‘free time’.
Mentoring Scheme
A guidance and an additional helpline has almost become a necessity in a world full of political dexterity and uncertainty. Through excessive research and past failures, it has been notably mentioned as a fact that young people with a caring and consistent adult mentor are more likely to succeed in life.
Youth Emplyment Projects
They say the lack of money is the root to all evil. We most unquestionably agree with that truthful statement. In 2018, 520,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed across the capital. We as an ethnic minority area in which suffering from poverty is almost a part of the norm of everyday life.
Leadership skills training
They say an ‘army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions lead by a sheep’. Leadership training seminars are pivotal in shaping an entire community. Everybody’s a leader of their own flock. however, leadership must be harnessed and resurrected from within us.
Volunteering opportunities
Giving back to your local communities is something we are all obliged to do. We offer all young people an opportunity to help and be a part of our projects, so they may develop industrial related skills, problem solving and adaptability in which they can progress onto their personal CV. Other benefits and skills that can help with the growth of young people from volunteering includes; time management, team work, timelessness, leadership, professionalism and finally work ethic.
Residential trips
Trips and vacations are a very significant methods to help engage the youth. Phycological research illustrates that vacations and group trips have been linked to anti depression as well as boosting self-esteem. Higher productivity, stronger workplace morals and greater youth retention all interlink with trips and recreational vacations. We as an organisation have taken our youth to previous residential trips and the results and benefits obtained from this project have been truly remarkable.

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We have been able to successfully engage over 2000 young people and based on discussion and feedback with many young Muslims, with refugees, with young people who are not accessing provisions……

What others say
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We help our clients create more love, happiness and success through marriage counseling and relationship coaching, life coaching, and individual therapy.

JYCA  has helped me progress in my future



JYCA has been integrated in my upbringing.

M. Gure


Through JYCA I have gained leadership skills to help me better myself  & to help me get my voice heard



Thanks so much for helping us find our strong bond again. We can’t tell you how much it’s helped us.



JYCA has shown me that togetherness can bring success.



If it wasn’t for JYCA i wouldn’t achieved what I’ve achieved today.


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About Us

JYCA was set up 2007 by young people who sought to provide a support network for young people in Islington. It has done this through connecting young people together through sports, mentoring, practical advice and guidance and giving young people a platform to speak.

Over the years JYCA has worked collaboratively with Listen Up, Islington Faith Forum, Lift/platform Youth hubs, Prince Trust, Islington Council, Arsenal in the Community, access to sports MuslimWelfare House and Finsbury Park Mosque which aims to give young people a voice about issues affecting them in the current socio-political context and to have an impact on decision-makers.


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Copyright by JYCA. All rights reserved.

Copyright by JYCA. All rights reserved.